i have 3 moods:

  • skips every song on my ipod
  • lets the music play without interruption
  • plays the same song on repeat for days

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my life is one part “wait” and another part “what”

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do you ever wash your face with cold water and feel like your life has changed dramatically

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Ashton would be the type of guy that in the middle of making out, he stop and just brush the hair out of your face and stare into your eyes and start to smile.

break my leg. that would hurt less.

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My anaconda don’t wanna go to class tomorrow

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You may mess up, but you’re not a mess up.

You may make a mistake, but you are not a mistake.

You may screw up, but you are not a screw up.

You may fail, but you are not a failure.

You are not your downfalls.

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“ 25 things i wish i realized while i was still in highschool